My name is Oscar Marchal.
I am creative and illustrator based in Barcelona.


It all started in the 80’s. I remember lying on the floor of my room, drawing tiny characters, while listening to television in the background.
Many years later I dedicated myself to creativity, working in international agencies for clients such as Nike, The New York Times, Volkswagen, Jeep, Prada, Sanex Carolina Herrera, Bugaboo, Nina Ricci, Kellogg’s and Unicef ​​among others.


But recently, I have been immersing myself deeply in the illustration, the stories, the memories, and the things that are happening in the world now, and is when the illustration becomes my escape way, to disappear into the fog, creating more artistically.
All the passion for art, illustration and photography is now turning into the most personal and rewarding project. Stories, memories and a look at society and the universe from the perspective of someone who reflects on the great questions posed by existence.


My work is a minimalist and abstract, in which I use geometric shapes and very large surfaces where tiny characters and other detailed elements inhabit. Some illustrations show very everyday situations and others fantasies, fears and dreams.
Each illustration has two ways to look. One is by far, where color is very important and has a lot of prominence. Using textures and a harmony of colors helps me bring the scene to life.
The other way of looking it is very close, for being able to appreciate all the details. Because just like in life, things look different when you dig into something.